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Sewing is My Jam Jar-Blueberry

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Each of these Sewing is My Jam Jars is truly unique! I've curated a collection of fabric cuts from my stash ( some of fabrics I might have dyed myself with natural dyes or designed the print!), beads, ribbons, stickers, 6 strand floss, Perle cotton thread, or other goodies! And now each jar comes with water soluble stabilizer with cute patterns and instructions on how to use them!

These little kits are so fun to gift to your crafty friend along with a kit or with a sweet card. I've been collecting jam and jelly jars including the iconic Bonne Maman jars. I also have a collection of peanut butter jars, salsa jars, candle jars that I've repurposed for these little kits. 

You many not receive the exact jar in the photo, but they are all very similar in the quantity of contents inside. 

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