Crafting Modern Memories

Keller Design Co. empowers you to make modern memories through craft. My stationery, embroidery kits and artful giftshelp you share stories, make connections and communicate with simple honest messages. 

Keller creates products and workshops that make it as fun to give as it is to receive. I want my customers to find joy in my hand crafted imagery and create connections when they can’t seem to find the words. My products help customers connect with those they love and find connections to their own creativity.

Crafting Modern Memories

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Hi, I'm Amy!

I'm the owner and creative director at Keller Design Co. Keller is German for basement or cellar and that's where my granny and I used to craft when I was a kid. Until recently I wasn't sure what I wanted Keller to be. But now my vision is clear and Keller is my space to create products, workshops and original art to share. Head over to My Story page below to learn more!

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