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Keller Original-Lemon Lime Maranta Plant Thread Painting

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Don't have a green thumb? I got you! This is made using a technique I LOVE! The maranta leaf is stitched using a technique called free hand stitching. It's my secret process ( not really! But I love doing it!) where I maching stitch an image on water soluble stabilizer. Then the stabilizer is washed away leaving just the thread. It's magic! I've mounted the leaf atop a print of one of my hand stitched embroideries to give it depth. 

Inspired by the Maranta Leuconeura 'Lemon' - Lemon Lime Prayer Plant 

Maranta are best known by their nickname "Prayer Plants," due to their ability to fold their leaves up and down throughout the day and night which somewhat resembles the hands of someone praying. This specific variety, the Lemon Lime Prayer Plant, has beautiful vibrant green and yellow foliage that grows upright and begins to vine as it matures. 
  • This piece is NOT framed. You can see one of the photos with a cool ornate frame.

  • Background is a print of one of my original embroideries. The background is NOT actual embroidery!

  • Machine stitched with colored threads

  • Part of the Originals Collection

  • Size:  8"x10" Unframed. Thread leaf is approximately. 7.5" x 4.75". It is mounted on the background with invisible thread.

If you have questions or want any more photos just let me know! I'm happy to throw in the frame for an extra $45!  Just message me about the frame! 


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