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Toyo Steel Metal Tool Box (Red) "Grab Box"

The PERFECT Steel box for your supplies. These boxes come with a few goodies inside! Each one is a surprise- it might include threads, a mini hoop, something sparkly and metallic, a printed design to stitch or some of my natural dyed fabric! Actual Goodies in box may and will vary from Goodies pictured.
These boxes are the perfect size to drop in your bag and go. 

Toyo Steel has been making these lightweight tool boxes since 1969 and earned the Japanese Good Design award for them. The Camber Top Toolbox is made from stainless steel with a powder coated paint finish. Great for tools, art supplies and garden tools (to name a few uses). 

Specifications: 7.6” x 3.7” x 1.9”
 Stainless Steel
Made by: Toyo Steel
Made in: Osaka, Japan

Offered in 3 colors: Blue, Red and Live Coral